Alta White Review- Does Alta White work to whiten teeth?

alta-white    Alta White Review

Does Alta White work to whiten teeth?

The makers of Alta White claim their product will give professional results at home. Are you reading reviews to find out if this is true? Are you looking for Alta white reviews or answers to the real question does Alta White really work? Find out the truth here about Alta white.

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Alta white, what is it?

Alta white is a teeth whitening kit. It comes in the form of a three step process to apply. Firstly you must snap the swab tip on the applicator, then dip the wet swab tip into the whitening powder, then you simply apply to all visible surfaces of your teeth This product contains compounds such as magnesium ,aluminium trihydroxide, glycerine, methylparaben and propylapabaren. It has sodium bicarbonate as its active ingredient, and it also contains peroxide for the purpose of taking care of discolorations on the teeth. With peroxide present in this solution, people with sensitive teeth or other mouth and gum conditions are advised that it can cause issues and this may not be a suitable product. Nevertheless, for other people looking for an at home teeth whitening kit or DIY solution then this is the kit for you.

Advantages of using Alta white whitening kit

  1. No messy trays or mouth guards.
  2. Whitens teeth as you continue using the gel.
  3. Takes only a few seconds to apply.
  4. The peroxide takes care of infections within the teeth, killing any micro-organisms hiding in the crevices.
  5. Money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results.


  1. Contains peroxide, which is a reactive agent on some people, and can causes sensitiveness in teeth and also the mouth.
  2. Has to be  applied with the special applicator
  3. From feedback, results not instant can take some applications depending on how bad the discoloration of the teeth are to start with.

Where to buy and shipping

The Alta white teeth whitening kit can be purchased through a few online stores, but it is far better to take advantage of dealing with the company direct by purchasing it off their website Click here to purchase>>> altawhitewebsite

Alta White have rush order shipping to get your product delivered within a few days and the option for shipping insurance. They also offer a 90 day return policy and they currently have two offers available, one is an extra 1 month supply when purchasing two months and the other is buy a 3 month supply and you get another 3 months as well. Click here to view offers>>>>

Orders outside the US

Alta white ship outside the US,

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From the information gathered Alta white works as a DIY teeth whitening solution. In relation to price point it appears to be a reasonable solution these days in the market of teeth whitening products. However it should be noted that this product may not be suitable for people who have sensitive teeth or gums. Therefore idol white still has our top recommendation as it is a lot simpler to use and can have better results.  Click here for the idol white review or to try idol white>>>