Idol White Review

Idol White Review – The Important Facts Everyone Needs To Know

Whether it’s having too many morning coffees or perhaps a few too many red wines at night, or your smile just doesn’t seem to be as bright as it used to, many people can find their teeth looking a little dull in the mirror.

There are many products on the market that claim to be the best teeth whitening system. One of these is Idol White, but does it really work as the easiest teeth whitening system or is it a scam?

If you are looking for Idol White reviews or looking to order Idol White, you may want to read the following as there are some very important details you need to know before trying it for yourself. This could save you time and money….

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Idol White what is it?

Idol white is a teeth whitening system in the form of a self-applicator pen. There are three simple steps to follow, the first is to brush your teeth, the second is to open the applicator pen and the third is to apply the gel through the applicator pen. Easy!

Ingredients; The ingredient’s that make up idol white are Glycerine,Water,Hydrogen Peroxide,Carbomer,Sodium Hydroxide,EDTA,Peppermint Oil,Sodium Saccharin

Together these make up the idol white teeth whitening system.


  • No messy trays or mouth guards
  • Applies in seconds
  • Affordable teeth whitening system
  • Small and simple
  • Free manufacturer package on offer Click Here>>>>
  • The pen has the advantage to pin point exactly where it is required. The pen is small enough to take anywhere, to the office, a party on a plane or train.


  • Found that some results were less than expected (personal preference)
  • Minty taste not liked by some users. ( who generally don’t like minty tasting products)

Where to buy idol white?

Idol white can be brought online from their website or other online retailers such as amazon.

Ordering direct from the manufacturer has many advantages,

  • Idol white offers a 90 day return policy
  • Secure payment process
  • Shipping insurance as well.

They also have a free package offers on selected products!

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International orders

For orders outside the US Idol white can supply with shipping and delivery.

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The final result

Based on product research and user remarks idol white is a natural solution to teeth whitening based upon its natural ingredients. Its unique formula delivers at home teeth whitening to 18-49 yr old surveyed American’s who want whiter teeth.

It is a simple and affordable product to use that is used by some celebrities such as the kardashians.The pen makes it very easy to apply and prices range suitably depending on product quantity and package offers by idol white. Giving idol white buyers a few options.

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