Zero Peroxide Review



Zero peroxide whitening kit, what is it?

Zero peroxide is a teeth whitening kit. As its name indicates the product is free from peroxide but it is still very capable of making your teeth look whiter than they already are. The kit comes with several products, which includes a non-peroxide gel for teeth whitening. The gel is rich in sodium bicarbonate, which is the key ingredient to teeth whitening. It also comes with an application pen, sleek enough to reach all the teeth for the gel application. There is also a mouth tray holder and a LED accelerator light, whose main work is to make the work easier and faster.



Advantages of using the zero peroxide whitening kit

  1. Efficient and effective way of teeth whitening.
  2. Free from hydrogen peroxide, which causes sensitivity in teeth. This makes it safe and secure for people with sensitivities in their mouth.
  3. LED technology which is widely used by dentists to whiten teeth; medically approved.
  4. 30 day money back guarantee
  5. 2 year shelf life, meaning you can use it for as long as you want, as it does not expire easily.


  1. Can have an aftertaste on using the product, some people have complained about an after taste upon using this whitening formula. However, this does go away.

How to buy the product

Anyone who needs to buy zero peroxide whitening kit can purchase it online from the manufacturer. There is free shipping offered on some packages and also dependant on you location. They have a few packages on offer depending on your budget and level of whitening required.




According to the many user reviews viewed about the product, the zero peroxide whitening kit works just fine and does whiten teeth in less than 20 minutes of usage, thanks to the LED enhancement tool. The product is safe to use for people with sensitive teeth.

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